6/13/13 Today’s Brew

North Korean propaganda art

North Korean propaganda art

What’s brewing in Asia today?

1. North Korea prison camps swelling from recaptured escapees

Since Kim Jong Un has taken over the reigns of this exclusive hermetic nation, those trying to escape are under harsh scrutiny. Reeduction camps and prisoner labor camps are swelling because of repatriated nationals. Especially those escaping to China are forcibly repatriated due to a long-standing agreement between the two nations.

2. North Korean propaganda art for sale: Mansudae Art Studio

Interesting expose on a deeper look into how art made in North Korea is being sold around the world. Notably in African countries and some European countries. The Germans compliment that “We were all really pleased with the work,” says Klemp. “Everything was done on time, and everyone we worked with was exceptionally professional and personable … for me, the most interesting part was how normal it all was.”  North Korean artwork slideshow

3. Korea tops OECD list for hysterectomy

There has been an increase in Korean women diagnosed with uterine fibroids, a tumor that can form in the uterus. The cause is reported to be associated with obesity and the Western diet. However, the reasons why so many women receive hysterectomies in Korea are also associated with medical billing and surgical expertise.

4. Facebook’s Zuckerberg will visit Korea next week

Google better watch out as Zuckerberg makes his way into Korea in hopes of building a partnership with Samsung. This trip comes after Eric Schmidt’s trip to North Korea this past January.

5. World’s oldest aged 116 dies in Japan

A Japanese man aged 116 passed away on Wednesday of natural causes. Born in 1897, he attributes his long life to living actively and not overindulging in his meals.




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