6/17/13 Today’s Brew

“Today’s Brew” is focused on a lot of the interesting news coming out of North Korea

Korean Talk Show for North Koreans (Photo: Calum MacLeod, USA TODAY)

Korean Talk Show for North Koreans (Photo: Calum MacLeod, USA TODAY)

1. From North Korea: Dear Washington, Let’s Talk Now (AP)

North Korea changed their stance once again after months of bullish rhetoric of waging war. Check out the chronology of U.S.-North Korean talks.

2. South Korean talk show for North Korean defectors

South Korean TV channel eNow has dedicated a talk show just to highlight the tales and talents of North Korean defectors.

3. New Documentary on North Korea’s love for cinema

A new documentary by Australian documentary-maker, Anna Broinowski, reveals the North Korea’s film industry and love for cinema.

4. HBO’s Vice airs season finale on North Korea

Dennis Rodman, former Chicago Bull’s basketball player, made a trip to North Korea early this year and made headlines by being the first American to meet Kim Jong-un.

5. A run-in account of an American journalist and North Korean diplomat in Cairo

Although it lacks in substantial content, the article is a light read about an American journalist’s run-in with a North Korean diplomat in Cairo, Egypt.

6. Disappearing North Korean schools in Japan

Schools for North Korean children in Japan are slowly disappearing as enrollment and funding dries up.




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