Hugo Boss Hires Alien Korean Celebrities


Korean Drama My Love From Another Star

Hugo Boss has recognized the marketing power of Korean celebrities from distant stars. Kim Soo-Hyun from the hit Korean drama, “My Love From Another Star“, made quite a statement by wearing a Hugo Boss shirt during the drama series.

Fashion real estate is a competitive market in South Korea. Designers know better than anyone else that when a hit Korean drama series features their clothing, it will cause a ripple effect in the market with girls heading straight to the malls to replicate what they see on television. The effect is almost instantaneous with many smaller vendors printing copies quicker than the original manufacturer.

Today, what if these same designers can move a billion consumers to buy their designs? Hugo Boss understands this potential and is moving quickly into the field. With Korean dramas and Hallyu making a fierce presence in the Chinese market, they are signing on Korean celebrities to market their design to Chinese consumers with familiar faces that they can better relate to. Move aside Gwyneth Paltrow, the Kims have arrived.


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