North Korean Dictators Don’t Have Bad Hair Days

Kim Jong-un bad-hair

A hair salon in London, located only two miles from the North Korea embassy, was reprimanded for having a poster depicting Kim Jong Un with captions, “Bad hair day? 15 percent off all gent cuts through the month of April.” Before the blink of an eye, two very serious North Korean embassy officials decked out in black suits “politely” asked the owners to take the poster down. Their reason was that this was a disrespectful sign to their Dear Leader.

When the owner of the hair salon, Mo Nabbach was approached by the North Korean officials, his response was “I told them this is England and not North Korea and told them to get their lawyers.”  But, North Korean dictators don’t have bad hair days. How could they when one’s image is the most important thing next to a bottle of whiskey? Kim Jong Un’s hairstyle is often noted for its similarity to his grandfather Kim Il Sung, who is the founding leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Kim Jong Un is considered a god in North Korea. How he dresses and presents himself is a model for all his citizens to aspire to. If Kim Jong Un doesn’t want side hair, then you shouldn’t either. If Kim Jong Un only wants to wear black suits, then that is tomorrow’s fashion trend. Many North Koreans would face criminal charges if they were to speak out against their leader in any negative way.

How could you live in such a state? It is a bit baffling but when you are limited in what you know because of restricted access to information, it’s not that surprising. See another interesting interview about a North Korean refugee that escaped and talks about how she was brought up in North Korea to think that Kim Jong Il could read her mind.


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