6/24/13 Today’s Brew

Today’s Brew focuses on North Korea.

North Korea's Instagram

North Korea’s Instagram

1. North Korea’s Instagram owned by German teenager

North Korea’s Instagram account believed to be an official account by the government was revealed to be a work of a German teenager just posting photos as a fan.

2. North Korean city, Kaesong, becomes UNESCO World Heritage Site

The same city where the shuttered joint economic complex between North Korea and South Korea was approved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Before modern drama ensued, Kaesong was the ancient capital of the Koryo Dynasty.

3. What a defector might carry to escape North Korea

Kim Hyuk, a North Korean defector, shares about the little possessions he had and why he chose the items as he escaped North Korea into China and finally to Mongolia.

4. Latest North Korean export, APPLES

North Korea shared with Japan that they hope to improve their diplomatic ties so that they can export apples from a 2,850-hectare orchard.

5. Hackivists announce their planned cyber attack on North Korea

Anonymous, a group of hackivists announced that they plan to attack North Korea but will not destroy their documents.




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