6/20/13 Today’s Brew

Let’s see what’s the brew today….

Pollution haze in Singapore. Copyright Associated Press.

Pollution haze in Singapore. Copyright Associated Press.

1. Singapore and Malaysia shuts down due to worst pollution haze

Forest fires in neighboring Indonesia is bringing the worst pollution haze to the two countries. Schools of shut down and even Mcdonald’s isn’t delivering.

2. Jihadist posts his terror mission on Facebook and gets caught

Sefa Riano was planning to attack the Myanmar Embassy and posted his mission plan on Facebook. But lucky, before he could do it, Indonesia police found his yellow smiley faced post and arrest him.

3. Task Force created to uncover truth about comfort women

South Korea’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is heading a fact-finding mission to record details about comfort women and their ordeal.

4. Hacktivists infiltrate North Korean missile and military documents

Anonymous, an international hackers group, has reported that they have infiltrated North Korea’s military documents and plan to release them to the public.

5. Kim Jong-Un recommends North Korean officials to read Hitler

Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” was handed out to North Korean officials by Kim Jong-Un to emphasize the need for nuclear and economic development.


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