6/19/13 Today’s Brew

Today’s news comes from all around Asia.

Toru Hasimoto, Japanese politician tweeted about legitimacy of sex slavery during WWII

Toru Hasimoto, Japanese politician tweeted about legitimacy of sex slavery during WWII

1. [Japan] Toxic radioactive waste continues to be found in and around Fukushima

Problems continue to arise as the nuclear plant in Fukushima is recuperating from a devastating earthquake in 2011. The water pumped in to cool the fueling rods are contaminated with nuclear waste and now the issue of where this water can go arises. Into the sea will not be an option.

2. [Japan] Crisis control for Japanese politicians using social media

Japanese politicians are getting a lot of heat these days for posting comments that are politically “charged.” Someone needs to hold a social media seminar for these folks.

3. [South Korea] Test prep cram schools get the naughty finger for releasing SAT test questions

Tsk tsk to Korean test prep schools for illegally operating and releasing SAT questions that will effect the rest of South Korean students hoping to study abroad.

4. [India] 102 killed from monsoon floods in northern Uttrakhand

Monsoon rains are needed for farming but also a cause of concern. Better infrastructure for yearly rains are needed.

5. [North Korea] Please talk to us! Denuclearization is our dying wish

North Korea’s First Vice Foreign Minister, Kim Kye-gwan was in Beijing to discuss possible Six-Party talks in the future. After discussions, the Chinese ministry reported that North Korea is willing to talk about their nuclear program. The question is whether or not they are being sincere this time around.




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    • I’m not quite sure how you can refute the numerous accounts of women who have shared their stories of being forced to have sex with dozens of men per day. I’d be interested in knowing where you found your resource for the pay they received.

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